The Tsunami Conspiracy Theory

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I am not sure about this conspiracy theory. In fact, right after the tsunami struck, I was debating with one of my friends about the possibility of blowing up a nuclear device in the ocean-bed to create such a devastating tsunami. It was trashed. However, Cathy Johnson points us to this article here, which suggests that USA was planning to do just that in 1945. I don’t know how authentic the document is, but what the hell, it is one hell of a theory. I do not second this theory for the simple reason that the evidence is just not enough to base such an accusation.
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The CIA’s OSS forerunner proposed using a nuclear bomb on a fault line to cause Japanese tsunamis and earthquakes!
The astonishing 1945 wartime document below, now declassified, outlines an astounding scenario.
Written as a secret operational proposal by the OSS, the forerunner of today’s CIA, it was not put into efect – then, at least.
The chilling suggestion: “If we could could get (an atom) bomb within a mile of a point on a fault line destined to break within 90 years we might set it off …”
It might well raise some suspicions in your mind regarding the recent and horrific Asian tsunami, which – amazingly for an ‘earthquake’–caused event – registered no aftershocks whatsoever.
We present it here and leave you to form your own conclusions. Read more on

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