Chennai Cops At It Again

“There won’t be any unnecessary poking into human relationships…normal relationships would not be disturbed,” he told reporters when asked whether any special measures would be in force for the Valentine’s day in the city to prevent any untoward incidents.

(Via Sify)
That was the Police Commissioner of Chennai Mr. Kumaran being generous. Despite so many pressing, critical issues that plague the city, Chennai’s top cop finds it worthy to talk to the press about moral policing on a day when young people want to celebrate love as they know it. So how will he ensure if a couple is married or not? Non-Hindu girls do not wear Mangalsutr sir. Um, are you asking us to carry copies of our marriage certificates? That makes sense, doesn’t it? I think he deserves a medal for this. Thank you sir! If not for you we would degenerate and disintegrate into immoral pieces of trash.

Aside: Check this line from the Sify piece. Hilarious:

If Kumaran enforces his diktat, it may be couples who are not in wedlock and display their affection a little too openly who may be under the watchful eyes of police tomorrow, a day when lovers are in gay abandon.


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