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  1. Dear Suman,
    Please remove the twitter update posts from your blog.It really breaks the focus and is hard on the eye.If I wanted to read twitter I can go there and read.It hides your post and real writings on the blog.

    Thanks and Regards

  2. Done sir. I had deactivated the feature but it still published a couple… now i removed the plugin. So should not distract. Thanks for the comment.

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  4. Hi Suman,
    I too am from Durga Colony. I lived there during 1985-88. After that I left for university, job etc. We have our home and my parents still live there. I loved your photo of durga colony (turtle neck). In fact, our home is on the same street shown on the photo. beyond Rama seshayya &b srinivasulu reddy’s homes, then turn right. For now, this photo is my desktop background.

    let me know if you have lived there during those years.

    Thanks for sharing the photo.


  5. Hey Raghu, we lived in the house next to Krishna Rao’s and later moved behind Gandu Seena’s house. I didn’t take that photo, my friend’s nephew took it. And that photo is special to me in more ways than one 😉

  6. Suman,
    Your tweet caught my eye. Can you be more specific about why you see our reg page as an epic fail? We welcome your thoughts.
    Roy Smith – VP Marketing – appMobi

    1. Roy 1. Expecting users to read an instruction to understand how your design works just doesn’t cut it. To me an interface is a failure the moment a user stares at it, thinking. 2. I just don’t understand how having a common form for registration and login makes it better. What you need is a prominent call to action: “Register” “Log in”

  7. Hi Suman,

    As a classic case of serindipity I discovered your blog while to trying to locate something else. I have to admit that the ‘read’ is extremely fascinating, as if one could picturise the happenings.
    I work for the British Council where, we host a range of literature initiatives that cater to audiences through digital and live interface. On a slightly different note, may I request you to share your contact details so that I could discuss some possible association for the future. You could get in touch with me on

  8. Hi Suman,

    Wanted to invite you to a special evening on behalf of Nokia India for the Nokia 808 PureView tweet up, where you would get a hands on with the 41 megapixel monster camera smartphone on the 29th of June. Please drop me an email so i can mail you an invite to the same.

    Subesh Prakash