Chitra Weds Sumankumar: Invitation.

Chitra weds Suman

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Wedding Pictures

My friends (Prakash and Sam) took these pictures. The official photographer has yet to give me the CD. In the meantime, check these out. write to us at sumank (at) gmail (dot) com

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Monday, June 07, 2004

You are Invited

After a marathon long-distance courtship of four and a half years, Chitra and I are tying the knot. Be there to share the moment, wish us luck, and see us off as we take our first step towards a journey of a life time. See you at the wedding!


Reception: Sunday 27 June 2004 6:30 p.m. onwards.
Muhurtham: Monday 28 June 2004 9:00 am - 10:30 a.m.
Venue:Parvathi Convention Hall 38, Industrial Town, West of Chord Road, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore - 44 (See Map)


Why am I thanking? Well, because I consider this moment -our wedding- a defining, historical turn of my life; I wouldn't be here if I weren't born, so thanks mom and dad... if I hadn't studied I wouldn't have known the Internet, and I would not have met her (see 'Our Story')... so thanks to all my schools... you get the drift?
Thanks, we could not have made it without you: The Internet, Yahoo, MSN Messenger; BSNL (for bringing down long-distance call rates), VSNL , mobile phones; Jet airways, Indian Airlines (for coming up with ‘book-early-pay-less’ schemes (I could afford flying to Bangalore to visit her because of that); all my friends, all her friends, and our families; A very special thanks (she wont like it if I thanked her yet...) to Sudha-aka-Sudhamani-aka-DPS; thanks dee for correcting my funny pronunciation mistakes (English). Thanks for being a great friend, my banker, and guide. Thanks for helping me become a better person;
Special thanks to the Chittoor gang: CK - Arguably, the most chilled out guy in the world; Vijayanand - Maama AMIE in Chennai would have been insufferable without you; Lodda aka Gnana - adventurous, possesses a wry sense of humor, and can jump walls very well. Machaan super da; Ravi aka karrodu - is one of the best brains in India. Was a Chess champ, now works for a company that revolutionized personal computing and opened the 'Windows' of technology to mere mortals like us. He likes my Tamil profanity and is a fan of veerappan, Prabhakaran, and 'Jaati' Naganna. Bobby aka Chombu brilliant sense of humor is what I like in him. Where are you ra? I can never forget that line: 'Anna I love you naa'; Suresh aka Reddy - a high-society chap currently settled in USA, but otherwise is cheap bugger like any of us; Kombu - Chittoor's best wicketkeeper. Arrogant but a nice guy; Prakash lived close to the government hospital in Chittoor... no don't worry ra I wont reveal your connection to the medical fraternity; B.M. Reddy (Chittoor's best Cricket captain) great guy. Kodanda - electronics wizard, great sponsor of beer, and travel freak (hill stations only); K.L. Arun - prick, intellectual, and a complete sucker when it came to girls. Feroz khan - scripted one of the most memorable love stories of all time. Babu aka Partha - my first friend. We were the first kids on Pagadamanu Street, Greamspet to own Cricket bats. His family was like mine. The little flower gang - I can remember only Arshad, The rest kind of drifted away. Arshad is the best bully in the world, he sacrificed his love for me, and she dumped me anyways! Oops! I am not supposed to be saying it here!). DK Krishna, M.K. Anil, BRBK Rao - my buddies in BZHS. Venkata (the fashion designer's dream), Ravi, Kayava Vaasu, Arshad, Raghavendra rao, Kiran (cat eyes), T.V.Ramesh (oosi), Seena (bastard you never told us you were getting married), 'do-it-yourself' Meganath (don't mistake, he used to design crazy electronic stuff in school). Basha and Raju (partners in studies during 11th and 12th, and also we tried our first beers together).
Durga Nagar Colony & Greamspet gang: All the girls of Durga colony- especially- Bhuvan, Reva, Geethakka, and Bindu -thanks gals. Suri, Viju, Prabhu, Basha, Imthy, 'Saata' Ramesha: How can I forget the hills? the laughs? and the 'Careless'? or the 'fits'? or the 'affection'? :-D, the first smokes? first girl friends? crushes, first loves? the hanging out at Sujathamma's store's terrace, or the culverts in Durga colony? As I write this, a tremor runs up my spine and chokes my breath. No matter how it is now, I still consider you guys and our times as the best. Anitha tutorials: Suresh sir (great teacher, angry-young-man, probably old now.) I learnt the value of being forthright from him. Ushakka - my first teacher and the first one to call me 'Sumana chari!' Wonderful lady. I hope to meet her soon. My alma mater(s) Little flower convent, B.Z. high school, B.S. Kannan Jr college, PCR high school, PVKN arts college: I am proud of them all.
Special thanks to: Netciti and Tharun; if not for Netciti one of the coolest cybercafes that existed in the heady days of late 90s; I would not have met Chitra. And I met my wonderful friend Somu the little there. Somu and I used to eat steaming Idlies from the roadside carts in Chennai at ungodly hours. Somu and I are one of the millions of examples of how the net can change one's life. Salut!
Special thanks to: Kicha (one of the best guitarists I have ever seen. His feel is surreal. best friend otha naalu vaati), Murugan (The cool-stud-dude and a world class percussionist, best friend, philosopher, yellam avan panradhu da ennamo poda), Deepu ( Othhhaaa.), Dilip (All India-Nepal Bullet Expedition participant - supposedly), Rajesh (Soola Karuppan. Dude. Sales man of the 'highest order'), Nanda (baADu), and Shalin Jain (one of India's hopes in S/W product market); Shilpa, Renu, Dhruva, Savitha, Dominic, Gowtham (all docs. Dogs!); Sriram, Nags, Sam, Lu (CSC days would have sucked if not for these wonderful friends); Sriram (bro), Anu, mom, dad, Suren, Micky and Rosy (our late dogs) Prabhakar, Kumar, (late) Thiru, Esa; Vaidy (writer, ad guru, friend, mentor, and teacher), Ashok (art director, friend, and the one who told me that ‘greatness also lies in not taking yourself too seriously’).
Special thanks to: Corner house, Residency road, Bangalore (we met there first time; in person)Hotel Regency (Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore, tel: 22203264. Stay there. It is a nice hotel. I stay there whenever I visit Bangalore), Earth bazaar (not there anymore, but the most chilled out hang out I have ever seen), Bheema’s, Brigade road; Kaycees, Off Brigades; Bangalore Medical College; Peekos Bangalore: the best pub in India; Sound Suite, Chennai (I recorded my songs there); Ashok Cherian (boss of Sound Suite; great guy, nice vocalist, and a splendid guitarist); Jolly tea shop and the phone booth next to it (TTK road Chennai; I used to hang out there with Suren and gang, and used to call Chitra from the booth in the wee hours of the night) …I can think of only so much now and I am sure I missed out on a lot. Shall update later.
write to us at sumank (at) gmail (dot) com

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