The Unbearable Lightness…

On 19th February, 9:00 AM. I found myself waving at my brother and a friend. They picked me up from the Chennai airport. End of 3 months of agony in USA. We went straight to Woodlands Drive-in. I ate like there was no tomorrow. I ate 80% of the menu. The unbearable lightness in the title refers to the feeling you get when the piping-hot idly, along with steaming sambar melts into your mouth, and you pop it around inside your mouth, for it is too hot. You don’t wanna let go of it because it tastes like heaven. And tears trickle down. That’s what happened to me. I love Chennai. I mean I have had some of my friends rave about LA and NY and what not, but nothing can come anywhere near Chennai. And while we were hogging in Drive-in, my dad got frantic. He made calls all over the country, and would have lodged a complaint with the cops (my son is missing from USA). But a timely call from my friends mobile saved me from that catastrophe. I am still hogging on south-indian food (poori, idly, pongal, dosa, vada, puliyogarai, chitraannam, akki roti, gothu barotta, kushka….it’s endless man). In between I made a trip to a town in Andhra, called Chittoor (I grew up there). Almost all my friends are married and have a kid. Some have put on weight big time. Some lost their dads.Some don’t yet have a job. But one thing never changes: hanging out. We were talking the whole night. Their wives and kids asleep at their homes. And it kind of gets weird when you have to ask your newly wed friend ‘machaan how about a night-out’ and see his adam’s apple do one ‘GULPPPP’. Chittoor has grown. A few engineering colleges and other such institutes have brought tons of students into the town. They’re making the rail route broadguage. Now one can go to Delhi from Chittoor! That to me is a monumental achievement. All the girls (classmates, crushes, girl friends, rakhi sisters) have become aunties, and I am amazed at how some of them think they’re old when they are only 30! Come on! do you know how old Sharon stone is?(yea, that was too much but hey we gotta give some hope to the babes man). I tried explaining some of my friends (who are NOT into software and see a computer once in 3 years) about blogging and how they can get to know what’s on with my life through my blog… the unanimous response was ‘f*** off, why don’t you call us?’

Am back in Chennai now. And I am – as ever – ecstatic about it.

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