Denver Fever

The first time visitor to downtown Denver runs the risk of freezing his tongue; the place makes your jaw drop man, and it is pretty cold out there.

The old structures that abound retain an incongruous beauty: A chocolate factory turned into an apartment complex; a Mexican restaurant with old, worn out furniture; and a jazz club with the 60s stench… Downtown Denver is a surreal mix of the old and new; a heady concoction of anachronisms, clubs, topless bars, obscenely bright glow-signs, and, people that bum smokes.

Linnea and Mary -my friends- took me downtown on a Friday night. We went pub-hopping; I saw the Hardrock Café (my jaw still in ‘drop’ mode) and was mesmerized by its cacophonous beauty. We ended our pub-tour in a place that served up live music. I got back to my hotel in a cab driven by an old lady who was almost my grandma’s age. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, but I kept dreaming through the ride that the old lady was going to pull off her mask and reveal her true identity (an alien of course) and kidnap me to Pluto. Too much of Stephen King guys, bear with me.

On Sunday, Linnea, Abhijeet and I went over to Mary’s and met up with Wednesday: Mary’s pet canine. Wednesday took to me with the same enthusiasm that all the young ladies normally exhibit to win my affections.

We went to the Denver Zoo some where in the afternoon… (to be contd)I have no time to blog now a days, hence the ‘contd’

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