Is Shoaib a Chucker?

I don’t understand this; after ICC had cleared Shoaib Aktar, we now have Bishen Singh Bedi raving about how ‘dishonourable’ Aktar is.

In his piece on Tehelka, Bedi went on -throwing logic, reason, and decorum to wind- and concluded that even Balaji’s action is suspect.

Someone please give this man some attention; he is crying for it like a baby.

I can take any controversy if you offered me a shred of logic. But, Bedi’s rave consists of only his outbursts – that are predictably knee-jerk.

So, Bedi show me evidence. Show me logic. It is not enough to scream your old lungs off and cry ‘foul’. And hey, nothing is obvious uncle. Nothing is, until you tell us why what you say needs some attention. Please do the world a favour and shut up until you have some evidence. ICC has cleared him and that’s it. It is futile to contest ICC’s decision. Circumstantial evidence is not enough. I am sure you don’t care about all that. You just want some attention. What’s the problem dude? They are not paying your pension?

I would blame the lame media too. Tehelka – which published his piece- is a controversy-monger. We all are aware of it.

I hope individuals and media show some responsibility while making statements.

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