Ab Thak Chappan (56 and counting – meaning for the benefit of my fans from abroad :-D ): Movie Review

I am fast losing respect for Ram Gopal Verma. Movies from his stable now are stale, unimaginative and at times stupid. Let me come to the review of Ab Thak; as you all know it is based on (or at least ‘inspired by’) Daya Nayak: a Mumbai cop that hit headlines by shooting gangsters by the dozen. The director focused too much on style and lost out on content. And in the process he must have gotten confused and he goofed up on screenplay and characterization.

The hero of the movie Sadhu (played by Nana Patekar) mouths profanity on the phone in front of his wife and school-going son. Now, the wife (played by Revathy) just ignores it. Any mom would have asked her husband to shut up and not use foul language in the house. You know, when you notice such things your respect for the movie and its makers melts like the snow in the sun.

The murder of a corporator remains unexplained, or I was too dumb to grasp the concept; either ways it was negative points for the movie.

Coming back to characters, Sadhu -who comes across as a forthright, ruthless, but honest cop- suddenly exhibits shades of villainy. Or so it seems. I mean hey, he was a nice guy about 45 minutes back, and now you want to convince me that he is also corrupt and would not mind exploiting the system. Sorry, but that was kind of amateurish.

the story of the movie is that it has no story; I don’t mind that actually, as long as you keep me glued to my seat. John Woo does that to me. But here, in Ab Thak Chappan, these guys just wanted to show-off I guess. They claim to have done some research but I don’t think they hardly ever used their research. When a movie starts, it should make a promise to the audience: ‘I am gonna scare you.’ ‘I am gonna make you cry.’ ‘I am gonna make you fall in love.’ or ‘I am gonna make you laugh’; most movies make promises, but very few keep them. Ab Thak did not keep its promise. So, if you were thinking of watching it, don’t. Let Ram Gopal Verma come back to earth. Let him realize that his so called ‘method’ is not actually a method, but a delusion. Let him write impositions (‘I won’t bore viewers’ a million times) and blog it some where. And then, maybe, I’ll ask you to go to movies from the so called ‘Verma’ stable. When will we ever learn how to write screenplays! Gone are the days of Sholay! Hmm!

Hey, did you ask ‘what the hell’s the movie about’ ? Okay, I give it to you. Tough cop is screwed by system. He tries to screw back.

Come on Verma! That’s all you need to make movies. Take Rangeela: Ordinary girl becomes super star! That’s how you make a start. Get back to basics Verma; man I used to love your movies!

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