Medu Vada: Fry by Design

My friend -who is from Delhi- and I were talking about South-Indian food and we came on to the topic of Medu Vada… the Vada with a hole. I started wondering why it has a hole; other Vada variants do not come with a hole. For example, the Masala Vada: It is all Vada and no hole.
Medu Vada is a popular choice as compared to its cousins. Put one and one together and you have the probable answer for ‘why is it so popular’ :
It has a hole because. It allows the oil to fry it from inside the hole and thus giving it an even fry. Other variants that do not have a hole have uneven fry: the center is not as nicely cooked as the perimeter (at least, that’s what I think).

There you go. So, whether you are building a website or a software product, remember this: Fry from inside too. Build products that behave consistently: on the perimeter and the insides. Ensure your product doesn’t have an uncooked core.
To achieve all of the above: have a hole in the center.
Okay, I am stretching it too far. Just wanted to post the Vada thought here; it is reflective of how design affects even what we eat.

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