Participative Help Design

Participative Help Design

I used a weblog script to create online help for -uh- using weblogs. I used a plugin to pull help topics as alphabetical links. The script has in-built search. So, there, I had an index and a search. And I left the ‘Comments’ feature alone. And guess what, I had users commenting on individual topics, which resulted in fine tuning the help and making it user-centered.

So, I conclude that user-feedback even after the documentation is released is invaluable and is much more relevant; users give feedback based on how they use the Help system. I’d say it is a nice way to fill gaps that you may have overseen during your project. I am talking from experience!

I used Nucleus: People ask me why not MovableType; simple, it is not open-source like Nucleus. So, experiment with blogs and tell me if you can, how it helped you.

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