Gmail: Usability Issues

Gmail uses drop-down menus to perform tasks like moving a memo to Trash, applying a ‘Label’ to a memo etc. I prefer clicking a ‘GO’ button after I make a selection in the menu rather than Gmail automatically performing the task once I select the menu item. The reasons:
1) It is so easy to choose the wrong menu item, unless you are a precision clicker: Fitt’s law baby.
2) I feel that I am not in control when something starts without my hitting the ‘Go’.

Also, there’s a link ‘Refresh’ next to the ‘More actions’ drop-down… what is its purpose? Does it refresh the drop-down or my mailbox?

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  1. yeah, I agree to u on these issues..But at some places they have applied fitts law very well..if u compare the button sizes; “send”, “save now”..difference is there to avoid mistakes. Anyways gmail is still in its beta version..lets see what happens next..

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