Blast from the past: B M Reddy


On November 11 1990, the PVKN Arts College Cricket team created history. We won the inter-college tounrament for the first time in the history of the college. I don’t think the college repeated the feat.
Our captain was B.M. ‘Chilka’ Reddy. A drill master, leader, and one of the finest batsmen that the town produced. He played for the state but was not lucky enough to break in to the big league. During the run up to the inter-collegiate, we practiced twice every day. Practice included fitness training and the notorious fielding training, in which each player (all alone) would pick the ball that Reddy would hit, and shoot an accurate throw into the irreverent ‘Kombu’ our keeper. If you misfielded or if the throw was wayward you had to do a lap on the ground.

Looking back, I think the only reason I can think of why we won the tourney against the mighty SGS College (Tirupati) was discipline and B M Reddy. After winning the inter-collegiate, we went on to win the inter-districts in Tirupati. That evening, a really drunk B M Reddy tried to kill me with a Mysore Bonda. I refused to go buy smokes or something, and he wanted to teach me a lesson. And, all that he could find was a cold, oily, sorry ass Bonda. He hurled it at a hungry me and I dove to my right and caught it and ate it before he could say ‘hic!’ I choose to believe that we are still good cricketers because of him. Hats off B M ‘Chilka’ Reddy.

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