Small Towns. Big Hearts

“Guys coming from small-time towns are generally mentally and physically tougher than those coming from the metros. The infrastructure and facilities are not there and so players from smaller towns have to work harder,” M.S. Dhoni (source: DNA)

1) Small town parents rarely encourage their progeny to go chase a wild dream like Cricket. They want him or her to shut the hell up and focus on school. So, if a guy surfaces, despite all the aforementioned odds, he will be very good. Passionate, committed, and without airs.

2) Small town guys are hard workers. They have to get out and play. No watching some stupid show on TV. No Playstation. No dates. No shit.

3) Small town guys start smoking and other good habits late, comparatively. I know alcoholics in Bangalore that are barely 21.

4) Most important, small town guys don’t get any. The town is conservative and girls are not gonna hop on your bike and go out with you. Privacy is rare; everyone knows everyone, so the fear of getting caught in action rules over the evolutionary urge. Small town guys have strong arms. See?

5) Small town guys don’t want to be intellectual unlike quite a few guys in Bangalore who act like they are Kafka’s testicles. Small town guys keep it simple. They prefer a Malayalam movie over reading D.H.Lawrence. Human digest is popular too, by the way.

6) Small town guys are more in sync with nature than city boys. I was shocked when someone called a Kingefisher ‘exotic.’ No, not the beer you oaf! See what I mean?

7) Small town guys don’t want to learn French. Awwwwwwwwww!

That’s all I could think of now. If you want to add to the list, you know what to do partner.

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