Happy Holidays People :-)

🙂 I know! I know! I am in an exuberant mood today and these days have become a rarity in my life. No, don’t ask. Zip. So you’re all set to go out there and have a ball eh? You lucky bastard?

Brigade road sports a blazing, festive look. There are bands playing in pubs. There is a definite energy in the air and pretty girls giggle and walk by you. I never quite understood why they giggle so much. Either they have a bottomless supply of jokes, or they do this to irritate boys. I don’t care. To me, that giggle is music. You go girl. Giggle away and make my day.

Anyway, you get out there, drink, listen to some good old rock, and have lots of fun. Merry X-mas and a happy new year. And, drink one for me. All you bloggers out there in Bangalore, shut the hell up, get out, and party. Man!

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