No entry for educated dogs

There is this song in the Tamil movie Pudupettai, whose lyrics ‘Padicha naaye ulla varaadhey’ translate to ‘No entry for educated dogs’. Thank you Selva Raghavan! And, I have heard our so called elders vent out their ire against a non-conforming person by saying ‘padicha thimiru!’ (arrogant that he/she is educated). Human nature?

For most of us getting a post-graduation berth in an IIT or IIM or AIIMS is impossible, but there are those that work hard and are blessed with a better IQ, who make the cut. So most of us would just love to trash the guys from IIMs. ‘Oh this guy is supposed to be an IIM guy and gaawd, he is such a dud!’ or ‘IIT guys are arrogant and they lead a cocooned life.’ or ‘All IIT guys are gay.’ You know? Yes, yes you are right. Sour grapes. But our governments have found a way to make you and me (if we belong to one of the the OBCs) enter the hallowed precincts of IIT or IIM, without having worry too much about our score and rank: yessir, Quota it is. But, these is some hope:

Three judges in the five-judge bench — Justices Arijit Pasayat, C K Thakker and Dalveer Bhandari — were of the view that graduation should be the cut off limit for availing quota benefits. Source: ET

Did I say there is hope? But we also have Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, our Health Minister.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been pushing the Health Ministry to set up private medical colleges, but his plea has fallen on deaf ears. For the past eight months, Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has failed to get the Medical Council of India change the laws that will help private sector enter the field of medical education.(via CNN-IBN)

Our honorable Health Minister, instead of attracting private participation in health education, chooses to tax the doctors of this land with a three year mandatory rural service (or three lacs in lieu of the rural service). If this mandatory service becomes a reality, it changes nothing for health care in rural areas: we’ll end up with a disgruntled doc with only a steth for equipment in a PHC. The infrastructure is pathetic in government hospitals in metros, leave alone rural areas.

Quite a few of my doctor friends, who passed out recently out of MBBS, have opted to study masters in the USA; I noticed a marked increase in the percentage of doctors going abroad. And why not? What is the point of staying back and getting raped by successive populist governments?

There will be some that will argue that doctors ‘must’ serve. I agree, but if you want them to serve you, make life easy for them. Don’t take a knife called quota and ram them where the sun don’t shine. Give them better infrastructure so they can serve, instead of wasting the tax payer’s money on schemes like a free color fucking TV to the voters!

What we do, by introducing quota for higher education (instead of stopping it at the graduate level) is this: we send a message ‘It is okay to be mediocre’. God save my country. Please. Make all the dogs that want to go to the USA, stay back. Happy Selva? No? But of course!

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