Here we go again Chennai!

This time is it is the outfit that Mallika Sherawat wore during the release of Dasavatharam’s music. It seems some self-proclaimed guardians of the so called Tamil culture tried lodging a complaint against Mallika. But the cops refused to accept the complaint saying it is impossible to enforce a dress-code. Oh really? Ask the students of Anna University sirs. Also see the FrontLine piece. Scary!

Now the cynic in me tells me that the cops are doing this because the Chief Minister too shared the stage with Mallika.

Let us, for a moment, think that the guardians of Tamil morality are right… then, they need to burn all the weekly Tamil magazines. I kid you not, but every magazine that’s worth its name carries pictures of skimpily clad actors. Every week!

Strange but these guardians of morality do not seem to have a problem with actors baring skin in Tamil movies (which are very high on Tamil culture). Why are we being such hypocrites!

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