You signed up for Imported your contacts from gmail or Orkut and sent invites to your friends. Suddenly, your friends start screaming at you ‘What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you sending the same youmint invite 10 times!’ Shock laga?
I was stunned too when a few of my friends started mailing me inquiring why I was spamming them.

So I promptly wrote to all the mail ids listed in their ‘contact us’ page and asked them to delete my account; there is no option on to delete your account. Somebody did call me from youmint and assured me that the spamming will stop. But it didn’t. So I lost my patience and blogged about it. And, that post now comes up in the first results page on Google when you search for or youmint.

🙂 and their top boss one Mr. Ankush called and spoke to me. Today I received a mail from them saying that my a/c has been deleted. Ankush also promised to add to their FAQ list on ‘how to delete my youmint account’

I’ll have to admit that folks at youmint are quite serious about customer care but it’d have been better if only they had paid attention to design. That’s another story.

P.S. whois

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  1. I tried with the same lots of times.. I think i should do the same as like you.. Posting 15 to comments about youmint, adding it to yahoo answers one blogpost.. that is sufficient. But if youmint provide the delete option for the accounts then it is good solution for avoiding bad reviews for their site.

  2. i was cursing myself 4 joinin this…found ur blog…spammed you mint with plz del my a/c mail…finally they seemed to how pissed off i was…n hurray…deleted my a/c from network..

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