The end of Suren as we know him?

For all you guys that know Suren, here’s some breaking news. The rum-loving, party animal who terrorized unsuspecting victims with his ruthless one-liners has been branded. Yeah, that’s what samarshanam means. They brand you with red-hot Sanku and Chakra emblems. What this entails is that Suren is not supposed to drink, smoke, and eat (even veg food) from outside. How long can he hold on? Is this the end of the monster Suren? Time will tell.

I’d like end this with Suren’s popular quote: “Sappunaa Saaklaitu. Nakkuna Nakslaitu.”

2 thoughts on “The end of Suren as we know him?”

  1. Hi suman theiryalane mudu da (even veg food) from outside who said that whos following it tell me………..

    Intelligence is like underwear, it is important that you have it, but not necessary that you show it……..

    yellam therinzha yekkambaram

  2. Dhei! What happened to the rest of the trip log? You have made 2 more unrelated posts, but have not continued the trip log!

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