Notionink Adam User Survey: Or How NI Refuses to Learn

I saw on a link to a survey. Adam developers want feedback from Adam users and they created that survey.

I immediately thought ‘Why isn’t this featured on Notionink’s official website?’ People at NotionInk Hacks forums too expressed similar sentiments.

So I told myself “Come on! Don’t be a prick. Take the survey, help them make Adam better.” And I clicked on the survey link. I was glad that the NotionInk team was doing this: collecting user feedback. But my happiness lasted only until the survey questions appeared on my screen.

Either NI doesn’t care about this survey or there has been some colossal misunderstanding on what amounts to an effective survey.

Now for some gems (these are actual questions) from the survey:

  1. Prioritize your activities using a PC/Laptop (Range: very likely – very unlikely/choices: Content creation, sharing, consumption (?!!!) )
  2. What are the primary destination of the content you create (similar to the above question with choices like blog, social network etc)
  3. Can you remember the recent book & magazine you have read? (Dear NI, are you testing my integrity here? This is a WTF question)

And I clicked ‘close’ and wrote this blog post. Here’s a message to NI:

Dear NI, I know that spelling/grammar mistakes are no big deal. But when a company makes them on a user survey, it shows how much you care. And, it takes a few minutes on Google to find out how to design effective surveys. The net effect of your survey is that, I conclude that you don’t give a damn about me, the customer. So instead of complaining and cribbing all the time, I make an open offer: I will give you 10 hours of free consultancy on UX research methods and usability testing. Yes, free. I know you guys are a start-up and you may not have the resources to delve into detail of UX design. Let me know. sumank/gmail

4 thoughts on “Notionink Adam User Survey: Or How NI Refuses to Learn”

  1. Everyone thinks he is a God on his blog, but time killed many like you. Wait a while to see for yourself. Quite possible this might go into moderation, but if can write an open letter, let this go through your moderation, so when time actually come, people can see, who had the last laugh! (By the way your CV has 3 grammatical errors).

  2. There. I published your comment. Whoever you are, you think I give a shit if this blog dies? I can afford to make mistakes, not NI. Which was my point.

  3. And as an aggrieved customer I am entitled to critique. If you don’t like what you see, well, don’t see! Mr. Captain Courageous that hides behind anonymity!

  4. I think you have a valid point here. I am a NI fan, as most of us Indians are. NI is great in aspects like dreaming big and even daring the likes of Apple and other well recognized hardware manufacturers. We have to give credit to NI for their dedication.

    But they also have to improve professionally. I have seen various such blunders by NI not only on Rohan Shravan’s blog but in the product videos as well. I remember when the first version of Adam came out, it had a spell mistake that went something like “Gmail is now synching”. They fixed it in the subsequent update. While it is okay for geeks and us Indians (not that Indians are shabby, but that we support NI for whatever they do) to keep up with such shabbiness, tablet being a consumer product, NI should learn from their mistakes and not repeat them moving ahead.

    Hoping NI really strikes it big. Good luck

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