An Evening in Kalimpong

It hit me in Kalimpong. Not one commercial establishment had ‘West Bengal’ on their signage. It was always Gorkhaland. I could always shield my ignorance with the excuse that I am from south India, which is far removed from the politics of West Bengal, leave alone Gorkhaland. But that is just plain lazy and lame. […]

Note to indie man

An indie movie maker said this It’s easy to make a film (comparatively) when you have a posh office set up, Nescafe counter at every alley of it, assistants with iPhones, ‘whatever’ attitude and a man on a big roller chair telling you what to do next. It’s quite easy in my opinion because when […]

The Legend of Elikunji

Mothers spoke about him in hushed whispers. When they fed their babies. “If you don’t finish your lunch, Elikunji will take you away.” We debated, “Does he exist? Or is it just a conspiracy to make the babies eat?” But, somewhere in the dark corners of our minds, a nagging question kept us on tenterhooks: […]

No entry for educated dogs

There is this song in the Tamil movie Pudupettai, whose lyrics ‘Padicha naaye ulla varaadhey’ translate to ‘No entry for educated dogs’. Thank you Selva Raghavan! And, I have heard our so called elders vent out their ire against a non-conforming person by saying ‘padicha thimiru!’ (arrogant that he/she is educated). Human nature? For most […]

Small Towns. Big Hearts

“Guys coming from small-time towns are generally mentally and physically tougher than those coming from the metros. The infrastructure and facilities are not there and so players from smaller towns have to work harder,” M.S. Dhoni (source: DNA) 1) Small town parents rarely encourage their progeny to go chase a wild dream like Cricket. They […]