Bangladesh Team Arrested?

Reports, that came in late last night, claimed that the cops arrested the entire Bangladeshi team, including the captain and coach. The reason? The Bangladeshis tried to steal all butter rotis from a renowned Indian eatery. An emotional Bangaladeshi captain, almost choking on his tears and the butter roti, told the reporters ‘whaath kan we […]

The Theory of Compassionate Free Markets

Socio-economic scientists researching on Compassionate Participatory Capitalism could not figure it out, but our very own Krish has the answer that could possibly win the Babel prize instituted by the Kichilika School of Advanced Economics, Panagal park, Chennai-17: If they really want India to adopt capitalism, they better throw away the kinda attitude the author […]

Contontik: The Unsung Technology

This happened about 10 years back. Suren and I were having dinner at grand ma’s. We were slurping up the thick curd that trickled down our fingers in slo-mo. Murali mama entered. With a big ass ‘assembled’ audio system, complete with two monster-sized speakers (two oopars and two tuiters to quote mama.) I was all […]

Now, eat this!

Racism – episode 2And how did these brilliant NDTV correspondents prove their story? An advertisement on a new sports channel for the ongoing India-West Indies cricket series has raised many eyebrows. No, that’s not all. Here, check this out. And critics suggest that if that was racism, then the advertisement is also guilty of the […]