An Evening in Kalimpong

It hit me in Kalimpong. Not one commercial establishment had ‘West Bengal’ on their signage. It was always Gorkhaland. I could always shield my ignorance with the excuse that I am from south India, which is far removed from the politics of West Bengal, leave alone Gorkhaland. But that is just plain lazy and lame. […]

Notes from a Mountain Hamlet – Part 2

Continued from part 1 26 Feb 2013, Lava The next day our plan to to go Chaudaferi didn’t materialise. A bunch of people were trekking through the trail, and Joseph thought it might hamper our birding exercise. So I spent the day  outside the Forest Department’s Guest House: a colonial structure whose garden attracted birds […]

Notes from a Mountain Hamlet Part 1

23 February 2013 “We are building a Church.” Joseph Lepcha said and shook my hand. “Sorry I hope you didn’t have to wait for too long!” he continued. I dismissed his apprehension. I stood in the small living room and was trying to make sense of the place which was going to be my home […]

The Garhwal Diaries – 1

26 October 2010, Delhi, Dehradun We got rooms in the Doon club! Thanks to Dominic. The ‘Jehar’ (fresh lime juice) from the Doon club kitchen is supposed to be world renowned but I think it’s overrated. The boys made fun of my humungous suitcase. It can carry a whole town inside it. Sandeep, seems to […]

Honnemardu: bLogout – Part 1

Long post. I don’t want you giving me gyan about the length of my posts. And all those losers that never made it, eat this. At least! The bLogout started on a shaky note. Four people had dropped out and the number of people was 19 on D-day. So, on 17 June, at 2230 hours, […]

In Denver

Guys I am in Denver. So updates will be erratic. I should be back in India around 18th of March. Until then, bye! Suman write to me:

Traffic Lights in Denver

Reached Denver last evening. This morning was walking from hotel to work. Check this out for a pedestrian signal: Hand sign in red = Stop Hand sign in red blinking = Walk but rush! and in between the two above you have a ‘running man’ sign that flashes approximately for a second. And for a […]