Notionink Adam User Survey: Or How NI Refuses to Learn

I saw on a link to a survey. Adam developers want feedback from Adam users and they created that survey. I immediately thought ‘Why isn’t this featured on Notionink’s official website?’ People at NotionInk Hacks forums too expressed similar sentiments. So I told myself “Come on! Don’t be a prick. Take the survey, help […]

The Personable Manual

Why do product manuals sound formal and stiff-upper-lipped? Why don’t users read manuals? These questions have haunted the hallowed precincts of Technical Writing for quite some time now. From what I have seen in Indian writers, I am forced to conclude that English Composition, as we were taught in school, is the culprit. Our merit […]

The Zoho CRM User Manual

I admire and respect Zoho a lot. These guys walk their talk on usability. These guys adopted blogging and wikis with a vengeance and I am sure it is paying off. So, when the cat called curiosity bit me, I downloaded their PDF manual. And, I am sad when I say this, I screamed in […]

Citibank Online Banking: Bad Example

There’s a service called RTGS in Citibank. If you have a Suvidha account and you use the online facility, chances are, you must have seen it on your screen. Now, here’s an example that borders on stupidity. The Citibank website says: RTGS transfers allowed only for amounts between Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 2,00,000Please do not […]