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Ranga hates himself because he is scared of fights. He is always fantasising about winning a fist-fight with his ‘enemy’ Joel.

There was this inexplicable fear that gripped him when fights happened.

Ranga found it hard to believe that getting paralyzed by fear when faced with a fist fight was a result of his genes. That’s what every one said though, ‘you Brahmins are good at studies because you can’t fight wars.’ And, they also spun stories about how wily brahmins were the reason why meat prices went up.

Which is why he idolises Prasad, a rowdy. Especially because Prasad is a world-class exponent of the art of Dichha. Say what? Yeah. That brings us to the story of what a Dichha is all about. I got it folks. I wrote about it long back. Give it a read:

Anif’s head arched only to strike forth and bang! Anif’s forehead smashed Bhaskar’s nose. In a blink of an eye, Bhaskar was lying on the ground, his face all bloody. Anif waited for him to get up but Bhaskar looked like he was settling down on the ground so much so that I wanted to say ‘Good night Bhaskar!’ [continue reading]

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