Say Hello To Turtle Hill

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This is the first of a series of posts where I try and get you acquainted with Chittoor, the town where Ranga Half-pants is set in. I only borrowed settings from the town. I took the creative liberty of changing names of places. Only a few characters from Ranga Half-Pants are inspired by people I know. The character Gaja is based on one of my best friends Umapathy from Greamspet. Other than that most of the characters are fictitious.

I digress. Here, say hello to one of my favourite places in all of Chittoor. Thaabelu Konda (Turtle Hill.) My friends and I have spent innumerable holidays in and around these hills.
When in high school, we used to trek to the top of the ‘neck’ of the Turtle at least thrice a week. We did find some wildlife there; Monitor Lizards, Rabbits and a variety of snakes. No, not on the top but in and around the hill.

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