The Legend of Raghava Reddy

Raghava Reddy, a fictitious character, is an old farmer in Ranga Half-Pants. I sketched Reddy’s¬†character based on all the farmers of Chittoor that I had encountered. They¬†used to chase us out; whether we were swimming in their irrigation wells or stealing mangoes from their orchards.

Before Ranga Half-Pants, Raghava Reddy appeared in one of my stories on my personal blog.

Raghava Reddy was an ancient man. Some said he was 60. Some said 80. But from when I knew him, I was 14, he had been the same: lanky, dark man with a 100,000 wrinkles. I don’t think he even changed his clothes in all those years: he was always clad in a white dhoti and a white baniyan. The dhoti was always wrapped up and knotted way above his knees, exposing his underwear: the world famous Patta-patti (now known as ‘Bermudas’) [Continue reading]

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