The Fall of the Sparrow

A year later, however, an ornithological survey conducted by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research confirmed birdwatchers’ worst fears: the sparrow population in Andhra Pradesh alone had dropped by 80 per cent, and in other states like Kerala, Gujarat and Rajasthan, it had dipped by 20 per cent, while the decline in coastal areas was […]

Weekend Birding

It was him! the Egret said pointing to the aquabatic Cormorant. This rather weird bird was hanging around with a family of ducks and when he was not, he was fishing in the lalbagh lake. He was careless enough to not spot a juicy water snake that swam right under his nose. This diminutive bird […]

Birding in IIT and Vedanthangal

Spotted Owlet, Vedanthangal Spotted this guy in Vedanthangal. I saw him perched on a bush close to the water body but he flew away before I could get a shot at him. Minutes later, he appeared magically out of thin air, very close to me, as I was climbing down the observation tower. Love this […]

Birds of Chennai

White Throated Munia @ Nanmangalam Reserve ForestGot this elegant bird in Adyar Poonga on Greenways road in Chennai. I was waiting for him to get out of a tree but I gave up. As I stood up to move away, he relented and posed for me by perching on the fence. This bird is supposed […]

Tickell’s flowerpecker

Went birding in the Hebbal lake and fell in love with the place: it is an avian paradise. I love the place more so because an amateur birder/photographer too can get some decent shots. I hope I got the bird’s ID right. If not, do correct me people. See more pics from the Hebbal birding […]

Purple Moore Hen

Shot this pretty girl (I thin it is a girl) in Lalbagh. Shrieks like a maniac at intruders. More birds of Lalbagh @ Flickr.