Ramya Kannan says in her article in The Hindu’s Sunday Magazine, “They create an identity for themselves on the Net and chat about a variety of subjects. Some bloggers, however, arrange meets to put faces to the names”. Well, with all due respect, she is technically correct. But the same definition applies to Instant Messaging users also. What differentiates blogging is publishing. The power of publishing to the lay person. Let’s not go there. What’s the big deal in a bunch of people meeting up anyway? Unless it is something like our June bLogout? 😉
I think it is high time we stopped defining what a blog is or who a blogger is. A blog is an interactive personal website. Period.
What’s with mentioning URLs and not linking them? Ramya what maa? Hey! You have linked only Nirenjan. Hmmm. Edho paathu seyynga.
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