Jet Airways sends me someone’s ticket

I have no idea why I got this mail from Jet Airways. I looked at the ticket and under ‘E-mail’ it was someone else. It was not even Gmail. You know the story of the ‘dot’ in Gmail. So either the customer that booked the ticket gave a secondary mail id and made a mistake. Or, Jet screwed up. I am inclined to believe the latter to be true. Here’s a screen grab. I have blurred all private information. WTF is going on? Someone tell me please!

jetairways ticket

4 thoughts on “Jet Airways sends me someone’s ticket”

  1. Not to mention phone nos. Kaneesam, aa shaltiki phone chesi cheppava?
    Asale Hyd. STD code.. Neeku telugu vochu..
    What Suman!

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